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US Baby Silicone Bath Scrubber Gel Dispenser Comb Cradle Cap Pet Massage Brush

US Baby Silicone Bath Scrubber Gel Dispenser Comb Cradle Cap Pet Massage Brush

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·        Multifunctional Comb: Massage, Bath, Comb Hair. Eco-Friendly Materials, Recycling, Saving Bath Liquid Design. The Shower Gel Can Be Controlled By The Pressing Force Of The Hand. This silicone brush comes with a box for body soap/shampoo/dishwashing liquid. During use, gently squeeze the box,  it will slowly penetrate the liquid. Very convenient, time-saving and long-lasting use. Suitable for men, women and children
·        Quality Baby Brush. Soft brush that helps to remove cradle caps for infants and babies with no harm. The soft silicone bristles are designed to avoid scratching scalp with nails. Soft, gentle silicone brush help to brush away cradle cap, for kids of all age to “do it myself” during showering and bath time! 
·        Soft Flexible Silicone Brush , Remove Dead Hair, Lice And Bugs. Massage Function To Promote Blood Circulation And Maintain Health. The silicone Scrubbers Exfoliator Brush made of food grade silicone material, super soft not to hurt the skin, which has the advantages of easy to clean, quick drying, no residue and no deformation.
·        Portable & Easy to Use: Bubble brush-There is an elastic band on the edge of this silicone loofah. During use, put your fingers in the strap. The strap can hold the box in your hand and will not slip off easily. It is convenient to hang up when not working, saving space.
·        Fast to Dry and Clean :Baby Bath Brush& Facial Cleansing Brush have lovely shape, it's portable, easy to use and fast to dry make it perfect for oversea travel, business ,GYM, camping, outdoor fishing. Just boil it for a couple minutes for deep clean and it also can be machine wash.
·        Package includes: 1-2 silicone brush, please choose accordingly. 
  • Size: Heart: 3.15''*3.15'';   Square: 3.1''*3.1''


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