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US Cordless USB Professional Hair Clippers Cutting Beard Trimmer Shaving Machine

US Cordless USB Professional Hair Clippers Cutting Beard Trimmer Shaving Machine

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  • Superior performance ——- Powerful motor and sharp blade enable easily and quick cut without getting stuck in hair;Different types of guide comb allow you to trim hair precisely in three lengths(1mm,2mm,3mm).For transportation safety, our products do not contain oil!Metal body, sharp blade, washable, carry around, deep shave, no residue.925 titanium alloy blade knife net, three-blade turbine blade, wet and dry shaving, non-stick beard, the blade can be removed and rinsed directly under the faucet.
  • Cordless USB Rechargeable Design  ——-  320mAh Lithium-ion battery delivers over 60 minutes of nonstop run time; charges in just 2 hour. The USB cable can compatible with any USB charger interface .You can walk away from the charger while using maximum mobility and convenience.
  • Cool and practical design ——- Exquisite and compact for comfortable grip. Stainless steel suspension bracket equipped with transparent ,removable protective case,show mechanical beauty as well as protect the blade from broken hair. Floating cutter head, elastic metal veneer design, whether it is the chin, the protruding part of the throat, or the depression of the corner of the mouth and the chin, the cutter head can automatically fit the contour of the face, and shave clean without leaving a mark                                            
  •  It supports wet and dry shaving, bringing a comfortable shaving experience. It is recommended to apply shaving foam before shaving to soften the beard, and then shave cleanly.
  • Low Noise ——- Stronger power and less noise. It is powerful and sharp, capture and cut hair evenly, fast and labor-saving, with minimal noise control at the same time.It is perfect for travelling.
  • Charging guide:
    *Charging-red indicator light-"fast charging"
    *Fully-White indicator light-"Sufficient time is enough"
    *And it supports 1-2 shavings when charging for 3 minutes without battery
     Package includes:
    1x shaver
    1x cleaning brush
    1x data cable
    1x box


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